Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Stalking famous people

I really like to run, and love even more to watch amazing racers during the Olympics. So often the best racers come from Africa, so in the many countries I have gotten to travel, I like to be able to find some of these folks we see on TV. Here, one of the greatest runners, Haile Gebrselassie, lives. He has broken more records and achieved great fame, not only for himself, but also for his people. He's pretty amazing!

We got to stay at his resort last week. It is a really nice place, and very relaxing. Some people had told us that many times Haile even comes to visit, and that there are usually opportunities to meet him. Katie and I were really excited, and hoped throughout the weekend he would just happen to drop by.

The morning we were leaving, we got word that he was on the premises, so of course we did all we could to casually stalk him, hoping to at least get a picture. We saw him outside, and tried to follow him, but being the good resort owner that he was, he was actually there to work! We felt a little awkward, but finally we were able to meet him and get a picture of him. He is very nice, and despite all of his prestige and fame, really loves his country and people.


Hippos…they are huge. When I visited Uganda my senior year of college, I got the opportunity to get to see some in the wild. They only thing I really remember about that experience was being told, “Hippo’s are huge, and one of the biggest killers in Africa”. Now hearing a thing like that would make the average person think, “Hippos..I should probably stay away from them, and never actually get into a dinky little boat and get as close as I possibly can to them”. Please take note of the “average person”, as we all know I am not average! At the resort the team stayed at there was just such an adventure to get into a boat and go “hunt” down said ferocious hippo..and course, Katie and I jumped at the opportunity!

Upon arriving at the boat dock, the “captain” informed us that we had two options. We could take the 1.5-hour tour by gas-powered engine, or the 3-hour tour by rowing. Of course upon hearing of a 3-hour tour, the theme music for Gilligan’s Island came into my head, and I looked at Katie and suggested we take the shorter trip. We climbed into the “gas powered boat” that was already full of water, and I said a quick prayer as we scooted away from the shore. Our captain was very entertaining and seemed to greatly enjoy talking about amazing swimmers from America. As I looked out towards the horizon, and noticed how close the water was to my body, I again prayed that we would not be linked in with those “amazing American swimmers”.

As the boat muddled along, we finally made it to the site of not only one hippo, but ten. They really were very fascinating to watch, and as the captain tried to scare us several times by moving the little boat closer and closer, we actually got to take some very cool pictures.

Thirty minutes later we returned to shore, not having to swim, but thankful that those “huge, ferocious creatures” let us observe their lives!

Monday, July 4, 2011


There are some pretty amazing waterfalls around here. Each weekend, Katie and I try to find some kind of adventure, and the last few we have ventured out to the waterfalls near here. Both provided a little bit of a hike and much excitement as we came upon them. It amazes me that place’s like this exist. I decided after the one we saw yesterday (the picture above) that I might just build a little home by it and come out every morning to enjoy the view!

This was the first weekend we went. This one is close to our house, and we hope to go back before raining season stops us!

Here, Katie and I are enjoying the waterfall/jungle from yesterday. Our goal is to hike down it.

Goats and Katy Perry!

Goats…the only thing I ever really knew about them from my many travels were that they smell pretty bad, they make horrible noises often, and that when cooked decently, they taste pretty good. Never did I think I would be spending my summer hanging out with them in a different land, actually enjoying all I got to learn!

The farm here breeds goats in order to provide for the people close by. The goats are given to different families in order to provide a substanable living. It has been very eye opening to see the need of these families, and also see how our Father has provided such a means for people who have very little.

During the goat clinic a few weeks ago, we were able to check out all the pregnant goats, provide inculations, run some blood work to test for diseases, and even perform a few minor surgeries. I will refrain from the grossness of much of the ordeal, but I think I can safely say that drawing blood from a goat has adequately prepared me for nursing school. I mean, at least humans will not try to bite me as I stick them!

My favorite story from the week is about our new little house addition, Katy Perry. The name has not so good connotations, but a friend always refers to Katie as Katy Perry, and for some reason that name just seemed to stick for this little goat. She was born a few weeks ago, but for some reason will not nurse from her momma. She also has a hurt little foot, so we decided to bring her and her momma home in order to provide some care. She really is quite cute, and lets me hold her like a little baby!

Katie and I did the best we could to nurse little Katy Perry back to life, but for awhile there she was not looking good. She just wouldn’t drink and most days looked like she was ready to just give up. Now, a goat is a goat, but still, we did not want her to die on our doorstep.

Last week, Katy Perry returned back to the farm. After a few days, Katie and I headed back to do some work, and were excited to see that no only was Katy Perry nursing from her momma, but was skipping around like all little goats did. We they got her out of the barn, I called her name and she quickly came running. I guess she won’t forget the effort Katie and I made in order to save her little life!

On a side note, being the smart goat that she is now, she has decided that drinking out of a cup is more her style. I guess she figures she is a human goat, since for the first part of her life she had two human momma’s. Goats…who knew they could be soo entertaining!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

March Madness!

Man..I'm soo ready. March madness in my family has always been a big thing..I guess when you have four older brothers and a Dad who loves bball, you either join the fun, or keep your mouth closed! I'm all for fun...so I join!

Unfortunately, when you don't live in the land of plenty, all the fun and excitement tend to get forgotten when other things, like just surviving, become the new "madness"! I remember this time last year...our "March Madness" consisted of this...

...waiting for our precious new latrines to be built on out compound in the village!

We sat around and waited for those things for what seemed like eternity! They finally were finished though...and "March Madness" was glorious. You no longer had to use the old latrine, where every time you stood up the entire village would shout out your name! Victory was had and we felt that no matter who won "March Madness" here in the states, we owned it in that village!

This year I'm back though....I got my picks..I've e-mailed the fam..and I'm ready for the games to begin! Tonight as I sit back and watch my boys play..I'll think back to the sandox and the wonderful "madness" that seemed to be around every corner!